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Dr. Mah Eng Ching

Dr. Mah Eng Ching is a qualified Orthodontist specializing in children and adult orthodontics and orthodontics in combination with surgery.  He graduated from Universiti Malaya in year 2004 with Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree and obtained his Membership in Faculty of Dental Surgery from Royal college of Surgeon of England in year 2008.  In the same year 2008, Dr Mah was awarded the scholarship from Ministry of Health Malaysia to pursue his doctorate degree in Orthodontics in Bristol, United  Kingdom.  Dr. Mah completed his doctor of Dental Surgery (Orthodontics) from University of Bristol, United Kingdom and Membership of Orthodontics from Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh in year 2011.  He was awarded the 3M Clinical Prizes (best clinical prize) during his post- graduate study in University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Dr Mah is currently stationed in Sibu, and appointed Head of Department to handle orthognathic surgery and complex cases

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