Then an impression of your jaw and implant position is taken. This is the customized template for your final prosthesis. The Implantologist will then replace the temporary denture.

When the final prosthesis is ready, the sulcus formers are removed and the abutment is securely tightened onto the implant. The crown will then be seated onto the abutment.

In the case of a bridge, two or more implant supported crowns are linked together with one or more teeth between them.

An implant-supported denture is attached to the implants by a two-component retainer system: one component is permanently anchored to the implant; the mating component is attached to the denture. When the denture is seated the two components are clicked together; fixed and stable – indistinguishable from your natural teeth. It is easy to remove the denture for cleaning and then replace it.

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